About us

We’re a bunch of cats and dogs enjoying the mysteries of Creation and good food.

We are coming from both sides of the planet, more precisely from the antipodes and we magically met through a mythical place on the net called Avalon.

We share an interest in alternative news and research, old stones and truth seeking ( and french almond croissants ).

As we grew up, we got less and less enthusiastic about the mainstream informations and brain washing and decided to go out and figure out things for ourselves because as Scully and Mulder taught us : the truth is out there…

In the end, we got back in, sat behind our laptops and created that site to share with our beloved planet and its inhabitants our findings and conclusions. 🙂

We are hoping that this information will appeal and resonate with some of you, dear readers, and that you too will get out there looking for your own truths.

Thanks for visiting our website, tanks for spreading the news and please don’t forget to mention your sources as you do so.

As we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we do recommend you too, chères lectrices et chers lecteurs, grab a glass of good italian wine and your fave anti pasti platters to enjoy our posts.

Prost !

Uzn and Mya



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