The Wooden Calendar at the Sun Observatory Goseck

We were driving through a snowy Germany when we decided to pay a visit to the Wooden Calendar and met a very special host. The area is fascinating and filled with ancient knowledge.


Sometimes it is called the German Stonehedge however it is not as old as the stone circle.


Nor is it as complex. It is tough a precise calendar to determine the summer and winter solstice and it is really old. From radio carbon dating, the structure is said to from, at least, 5000 BC.




You can see wooden poles in the picture but those are not the original ones. Rotten remains of the original stumps were discovered in the field, which led to the replacement by new poles that are now on the site.










The area is located in the middle of Germany, near Goseck. It is not too far from the location where the famous Nebra Skydisk was found.

Digital StillCamera

The Nebra Skydisk was discovered by private researchers and officials have long tried to discredit the skydisk but failed. All the scientists that researched the item ended concluding that the disk and its information were legitimate and accurate.

The Skydisk  lines up with the stars in the night sky and shows the times for winter and summer solstices, time for harvest and sewing. It can be used as a calendar.

Both the structure of the Sun Observatory and the Skydisk belong to the same people.

On our way out, we had an encounter with a beautiful stranger…


We all need something watching over us
Nous avons tous besoin de quelque chose qui veille sur nous
Be it the falcons, the clouds or the cross
Que ce soit les faucons, les nuages ou la croix
Florence and the Machine – Wish that You Were Here


Mya and uzn



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